Prototypes of classic Star Wars toys sell at auction for $47 000

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Prototypes of classic Star Wars toys sell at auction for $47 000
Image: Vectis Auctions

Classic toys, especially Star Wars action figures, always gather quite a lot of attention. Now a prototype of 1980s an Emperor’s royal guard figure set a record.

An auction by Vectis Auctions sold a prototype of that figure for a a whopping $37 595, the BBC reports. Also at the auction were sold a prototype of Bib Fortuna for $15 600 and a prototype ewok for the same price.

Despite being “relatively unknown”, the characters gathered quite the interest and “beat all expectations”, auctioneer Kathy Taylor tells the BBC. The prototypes are made in the US by Kenner and were sent to the UK to be used by Palitoy for the production.

The toys date back to the 1980s around the third Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi. a Palitoy’s tooling manager decided to keep the prototypes after they were no longer needed.

It was a good decision as the movies became a worldwide classic. Now everything Star Wars, especially classic items, can fetch quite the premium. So, if you have a classic Star Wars toy, you better take good care of it and keep it in great condition.