A prosthetic arm and four other cool LEGO projects

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LEGO sets usually are themed over a certain topic. But some people love to take misc bricks and create various cool projects. Lets check out some of them.

There are even people who take the hobby to the next level and actually make everyday items from LEGO bricks and make a living out of that. In this case we will focus more on what people have thought and made.

LEGO table

For example this cool LEGO table. The main frame is made from wood and then it is completely covered in LEGO bricks. The glass is removable so you can set up any LEGO world you want within the table. There is also LED lighting with 20 different colors to suit every mood. The actual table is quite expensive, but you can surely use it as inspiration for your own project.

LEGO lamp

Don’t have room for a full on LEGO table? Why not a LEGO lamp then? It is much cheaper and fully functional. It is made out of about 900 LEGO bricks which are brand new and can come in many colors. It uses one LED bulb which is included.

LEGO Clutch handbag

Agabag is making these cool LEGO clutch handbags. There are many different colors or color mixes depending on your taste. The clutch is entirely made out of LEGO bricks and it is lined with grey satin. The design is patented and it is using brand new LEGO bricks for every item.

LEGO Toyota Landcruiser

Now for something for the boys. Over at LEGO ideas there is a great project for making a Toyota Landcruiser 40 Series out of 1700 LEGO bricks. It is made up to the tiniest details like even the three wipers, running gear along the chassis, leaf springs and many more details. It is definitely worth checking out.

But one of the coolest ever LEGO projects is this one. It allows kids to make LEGO items and connect them to a prosthetic arm and use them.

Know of other cool LEGO projects? Let us know!