Potty Pals are a unique potty training system with stuffed animals

Potty Pals Larry Lion

Some parents view potty training as a challenge. And sometimes it might be. Potty Pals are here to help you. It’s a new system with singing stuffed animals.

Potty pals are created by Arizona Cardinals player Mike Leach and his wife Julie. Currently there are two stuffies – Larry Lion and Katie Kitty with plans to add more characters in the future. Amongst them are Dexter Doggie and Penny Panda which are to be expected soon.

Each stuffed animals comes with an illustrated storybook and a progress chart with stickers. The idea is to help encourage and motivate kids to use the potty.

“When nature calls, grab Katie and ‘go’”, says the official site of Potty Pals. You an use Larry too of course.

Both stuffies are about four inches tall which makes them easy for small children to carry and hug. Kitty especially loves hugs while Larry is brave and energetic. Each toy also has a special song that will sing every time the potty has been used successfully.

Potty Pals Katie Kitty

Mike and Julie were able to bring their idea to fruition after participating in the 2014 NFL Consumer Products Boot Camp. This is an initiative provided by the league to help players succeed off the field.

They say they came up with the idea after it was time for the potty training of their two children and found out there is no complete system to help. So they decided to create one that is fun and easy for both children and their parents.

The system has three steps. First the parents read the storybook to the children regular times, either before bed or after meals, to encourage bathroom time. Then they can use the Potty Progress sheet which is designed to award them for both progress and trying if there is an accident. The final step is to sing and dance with the Potty Pal stuffed animal after a success.

Each of the toys costs 35 dollars and for now are available only within the United States. A portion of the profits will be donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.