Posh Paws will make plush toys for Moshi Twilight

Posh Paws will make plush toys for Moshi TwilightIn the digital age not only movie characters are getting their toy versions. Even characters in apps can also get the plush toy treatment.

For example, the Moshi Twilight App’s characters are going to get exactly a plush toy collection, ToyNews reports. Posh Paws will make the new stuffed animals.

The Moshi Twilight App was created by Mind Candy in December 2017 along with Calm. It already has over 3 million users across the globe. The app has a series of sleeptime audio stories.

Posh Paws will make plush toys for characters from the story Sleepies. There are a total of 4 characters and each will come in two size versions.

Plush characters include Yawnsy the Otter, Noodkins the Bunny, Professor Feathersnooze the Owl and SleepyPaws the Koala. The range will be designed and produced to be a sleeping aid to children listening to the world of Moshi Twilight at bedtime.

“Hundreds of thousands of children are now falling asleep to the Moshi Twilight audio stories and what better way to accompany the bedtime routine than with a super soft, high quality plush toy from Posh Paws.” commented marketing manager, Laura Bull.

Holly Lackey, head of licensing at Mind Candy, added: “We recently carried out a poll of Moshi Twilight app users* and a colossal 87 per cent of them said they would love to add a Moshi Twilight Plush to their Moshi Twilight experience”.

As a result, you can expect the new toys to be quite the success. They will be ready by July 2019 with pre-orders starting soon.