Posh Paws will make high end plush toys with Swarovski

Posh Paws will make high end plush toys with SwarovskiPosh Paws is about to go ultra posh. The company is going for the high-end market and has a new partnership with Swarovski for new plush toys.

The new deal will lead to a new toy collection called Chic & Love. It will feature special plush animals which will hold the “Crystals of Excellence” mark.

Basically these are not your typical teddy bears. They are for the fashion-savvy and special gifts aimed ad the lifestyle sector.

“We are incredibly excited to be working with Posh Paws on this beautiful range of plush that absolutely fills a gap in the market to deliver a range of considered and emotionally-based gifts celebrating key life stages and events,” said Julien Barbier, global agent, Chic&Love to Toy News. “The association with the Swarovski brand, it’s global awareness and value in excess of $3.5bn means there is a real opportunity here to put Chic & Love firmly on the global map.”

You can expect the first wave of the new toys this month. The will debut on September 8th at Top Drawer, Olympia. That also marks their global debut.

“As soon as we were presented with the opportunity on Chic & Love in partnership with Swarovski, we knew it was the perfect fit. We’re in the business of making the highest quality plush toys and accessories and what better way to do this than with Swarovski Crystals”, Alan Smith, managing director at Posh Paws says.