Posh Paws debuts The Good Dinosaur plush toys

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Posh Paws debuts The Good Dinosaur plush toys
Image credit: Dinsey / Pixar

Disney and Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur movie is getting an official line of plush animals. The stuffies are made by Posh Paws who will debut the line soon.

The toy line will be in the stores next month, Toy News reports. The range of stuffed animals is expected to be one of the key toy lines of the movie. It will feature many of the characters from the film. The toys will be made by Posh Paws and will be offered in various sizes to fit all tastes.

The biggest toys will be 20-inch stuffed toys and they will represent the main character boy Spot and the dinosaur Arlo. The entire line is expected to be in the stores at the same time. This means it will be available about a month earlier than the actual movie debut which is scheduled for November 27th.

“We are really pleased about the look and feel of The Good Dinosaur plush collection. The detail on the toys is really fantastic and the plush is just so soft. There are some interesting and exciting characters yet to be revealed and our plush range really brings all these characters to life. We all expect this film to be one of the Pixar Animation Studios’ classics, like Finding Nemo and Toy Story. We can’t wait for this film,” said Lauren Hayward, group brand manager at Posh Paws.

For that to happen though it must first win the fans. This is possible, of course, and Disney is going about it the right way for it to happen. The company is even so confident it is prepping the toys earlier than the actual movie. This is the same strategy it applied for Star Wars: The Force Awakens where it showed that it works pretty good. We will see if it works for The Good Dinosaur, too.