Posh Paws adds Ragtales to its line up of plush toys

Posh Paws adds Ragtales to its line up of plush toysPosh Paws continues to expand its line of plush toys. Now the company adds the Ragtales to the line up of stuffed animals, made for gifts.

Ragtales has been a popular British brand for a few years now. It’s relatively young as it started in 2011, but focused on a more classic, even retro-style for its plushies.

The rag doll brand makes quirky soft toy characters and most of them showcase classic British moments and heritage. A key highlight is that the toys, despite falling into the rag dolls category, are made out of high quality materials and have a top of the line finish.

Roddy Bridges, managing director of Ragtales commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with Posh Paws. The future is looking very exciting, and together we will put Ragtales back on the map.”

Alan Smith, managing director of Posh Paws added: “Posh Paws plush toys have long been cherished by children and, in line with the company’s exciting evolution, we felt Ragtales presented the perfect opportunity to continue this. Ragtales is known for its high-quality products and we couldn’t think of a better brand to be part of the Posh Paws line up. We look forward to working with the Ragtales team to further establish its presence in the UK and international markets, as well as work on new ranges in the long-term.”