Dogs are a mans best friend, everybody knows that. But sometimes you can’t get a real dog because you know you won’t have the time required to take proper good care of your friend. Or maybe you just love dogs too much. Either way stuffed dogs are a great addition to any collection of stuffed animals.

For one you can get as many stuffed dogs as you want and not worry about taking them out for a walk all the time. And stuffed dogs will keep the house clean.

This doesn’t mean they are better than our real four-legged friends but they are certainly not to be neglected. We have a few stuffed dogs in our collection. Most of them are souvenirs it turns out. But we also have a few pooches that have been with us for a very long time.

Like the big black and white dog with the red collar. He’s quite old but still looking good. Then we have the more younger white-brown dog which is made by a Russian company. We also have some stuffed dogs from Las Vegas, Chicago and London. Basically our stuffed dogs gathering is quite international.

Do you have lots of stuffed dogs in your collection? We’d love to see them here or in our forum.