Popular stuffed toy manufacturers

A rooster made by one of popular stuffed toy manufacturers TrudiThe are a lot of sutffed toy manufacturers. Some make all kinds of toys, others are small and try not to put too much on their branding and etc. But some companies have actually turned their business into a craft and are putting a lot of effort and attention to both their products and brands.

Stuffed toys trace their history back to ancient times. They have lived through times to get to today, the age of technology, where the possibilities are huge. There are some stuffed toy manufacturers that have a bigger presence in the segment.

Stuffed toy manufacturers

One of the most popular companies is Trudi. It’s founded in 1954 in Italy. The founder is Trudi Mueller Patriarca who started the company with her sewing stuffed toys herself. What started as a hobby though quickly turned into a business thanks to Trudi’s passion and craftsmanship.

A key product line of Trudi is Classic farm. This line is famous with aiming to make realistic stuffed animals mainly the kinds you would find in a typical farm. The firm is adamant that all of their toys are made with high quality materials that are alergic free and are completely safe.

Another popular company is Fancy. It’s founded in Russia and it’s famous with its always smiling stuffed animals. Their happy nature makes them very popular with kids.

Fancy also has a large catalogue with animated stuffed animals. They have electronics in them that allow them to sing, laugh, speak.

Two other popular stuffed toy manufacturers are NICI and Artesavi. They also try to have a wide variety of stuffed toys. All companies put extra effort in the quality of their toys and making them safe for playing. The good thing is that most of the toys are not that expensive, unless you go for the really big toys or the ones with lots of electronics.

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