Popular Haikyu!! characters are getting their own teddy bears

Popular Haikyu!! characters are getting their own teddy bearsThe popular anime Haikyu!! is getting a special treat. Four of its most beloved characters are getting their own teddy bear versions!

The Haikyu!! teddy bears will make their way towards online stores during the winter first few months of 2018. They are going to be offered by The Movic online shop, but sadly are only for Japan for now.

Even so, if you have friends in Japan, you can probably ask them to order one for you… Or maybe all four?

There will be four bears inspired by Hinata, Kageyama, Oikawa, and Ushijima. Each bear is following the original character closely.

They all rock the respective uniform. On one of their paws you will find pads where each bear’s unique number and name is written. Each bear also comes with a key chain and a safety pin.

Since the bears are small, you can attach them to a backpack or even use them as cute key chains. Better yet, add them to your collection of stuffed animals. And you can even cuddle with them instead of risking them on a backpack.

The bears are a great addition to the collection of any anime fan. Especially one of the most popular ones.