Police officer solves case of a missing teddy bear

Police officer solves case of a missing teddy bear
Not the lost bear

Police officers sometimes get to work on quite the unusual cases. And sometimes they don’t even realize it’s a case, but they think they simply help out.

This is what happened in Morton, Illinois, according to WHIO TV. A keen-eyed police officer solved a case of a missing teddy bear.

Chelsea Camp is the mother of Micah. In the end of May the whole family was out for errands and dinner. Sometime during the trip Camp believes her son threw is Ty Classic Shaggy bear out the car window.

When they realized the problem, they retraced their trip, but sadly, didn’t find anything. Calling the places they visited also didn’t produce any positive results.

So, the Camp family decided to use social media and local groups to ask for help. Within 17 minutes Chelsea was contacted by the local police. The teddy bear was already found!

How did that happened? With a bit of luck, actually. You, see Morton police officer Jared Boyer was on duty that same evening. As he was patrolling, he noticed a small animal on the side of the road. Upon further inspection he saw it’s teddy bear in a great condition.

So, Boyer took the bear and brought it back to the police station for safekeeping. Then one of his colleagues saw the Facebook post. The rest was easy. They got in contact and soon after the 15-month old boy and his teddy bear friend were reunited.