Pokemon prepares for a big 20th Anniversary celebration with lots of toys

Pokemon prepares for a big 20th Anniversary celebration with lots of toysThis year marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon and its parent company is preparing for a huge year with lots of special new toys to celebrate.

The Pokemon Company is partnering with The Entertainer to create the big retail promotion which will be part of the anniversary celebrations. You can expect lots of classic Pokemon toys to come back in new form.

Of course, there will also be quite a few brand new toys, figures, cards, stuffed animals. The Entertainer will have special Pokemon displays with a free Collector’s Album for Pokemon trading cards. Meanwhile, TOMY, which is the master toy partner of Pokemon, will offer a 25% discount of the toy range in the stores.

“With sales for the Trading Card Game continuing to soar, this is a very exciting time for Pokémon as we celebrate 20 years of the brand with 12 months of celebrations, events and activity. The Entertainer is a great partner for us, and we are delighted to be working with them on this special promotion for Pokémon fans and continuing our partnership on through into 2016”, Mathieu Galante, senior market development manager at The Pokémon Company International says.

Sample packs of the Trading Card games will be placed in 250 000 copies of Kick, Kraze, Toxic, National Geographic and other children’s publications. The Pokemon company is also teaming up with GAME to allow players to pick the Mythical Pokémon Mew.

We are also expecting people to start dusting off their old Pokemon toys and stuffed animals and trying to sell them online for a profit. So be extra vigilant when you browse the web for Pokemon deals since people may try to be over opportunistic due to the Pokemon craze that is about to take off and gather more and more steam throughout the year. Even so, it will be a great year for Pokemon fans!