Pokemon Go undergoes a major update to revive the game

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Pokemon Go undergoes a major update to revive the gamePokemon Go is about to become one year old. The game is still popular, but nothing like the huge frenzy when it first came out. Niantic wants to change that.

So, the game developers are working on a series of changes in a major update for Pokemon Go. The aim is to revive the game and refresh it, ToyNews reports.

The changes to the game should bring in new fans to it and also keep the current ones. The changes are engulfing almost all aspects of the game, too.

For exampple, you can get Gyms at PokeStops. And the way to add Gyms is changing, too. Players will have six permanent slots and each Pokemon assigned to the slots must be unique. Battles will use the order of which each player has assigned to the Gym. This means you will have to pick your order very carefuly.

Another new thing – the Raid Battles. In this mode you can team with other Trainers to defeat an extremely powerful Pokemon. Gyms from all over the world can participate and Trainers can work together.

The changes should be coming in time for the one year anniversary of Pokemon Go. This means they should land within the next a couple of weeks.

Also, The Pokemon Company announced earlier that Game Freak is working on a full Pokemon RPG game for the Nintendo Switch. Also, Pokemon Gold and Silver will make their way to the 3DS Eshop in September.