Pokemon Go finally hits Japan in time for the Pokemon festival

Pokemon Go finally hits Japan in time for the Pokemon festivalThe Pokemon Go frenzy kicks into high gear. The hugely popular mobile game is now available in Japan. Just in time for the local Pokemon festival with toys.

The game already achieved a huge success, but it is expected to be a huge hit in Japan. It was delayed though due to concerns with the server capacity.

Everything should now be sorted and the game was launched quietly at first. It didn’t take long for eager gamers to notice though and took to Twitter. Shortly after the game’s developer┬áNiantic confirmed the launch.

Since Pokemon is Japan’s creation, it is expected the game will become a huge hit and frenzy in the country. It is already a blockbuster in more than 20 countries.

The Pokemon frenzy is just beginning

The launch coincided with the local Pokemon festival in Tokyo. There thousands of fans go to share and see new toys, stuffed animals, movies, books and all things Pokemon.

As you can expect, the frenzy already gives companies enough of an incentive to continue offering Pokemon stuff. The movie studio Legendary Entertainment announced it is planning to develop the first live-action Pokemon movie franchise. The first movie is called Detective Pikachu and will start production in 2017.

Universal Pictures will handle the distribution outside Japan. The plans are to make several movies, if the first one is liked by the fans. Given the current Pokemon revival and expansion, we think there will be a lot more new things than just a movie and some new toys and stuffed animals.