Pokemon Go can become the top toy brand by Christmas

Pokemon Go can become the top toy brand by ChristmasPokemon Go has become a sensation and it shows great promise for the future. Argos even predicts that Pokemon Go can become the top toy brand by Christmas.

Argos says the demand for the entire Pokemon brand has risen like never before for any other brand. All thanks to the huge popularity of the mobile game Pokemon Go. It is out less than a month and is already a huge hit.

Pokemon Go is a mixture of augmented reality and normal gaming. The goal is to roam the streets and find and collect virtual pokemons which are “seen” through the phone screen. And then you can battle other players with them.

The Pokemon Go sensation

It is a very simple formula which, combined with the popularity of Pokemon, has turned into a sensation. People from all ages and walks of life are now collecting pokemons everywhere they go.

“I think Pokémon Go has taken everyone by surprise, it has gone absolutely mad, and the demand and media around Pokémon Go has really driven the entire franchise”, Argos’ trading manager, toys and nursery, Linzi Walker said to ToyNews.

“We are expecting massive things for Pokémon this year, it is really hot right now. We are already seeing an uplift in sales of our trading cards and predict it could be one of the surprise favorites this Christmas.”

According to Walker this frenzy over the brand hasn’t been seen for any other toy brand in the industry for a while. “It’s a great example of how social can drive interest. We have seen that in the past with video games but not really so much in toys”, she adds.

Of course, some toy stores are already taking advantage. They are offering custom Pokemons to people who buy toys and collect specific points on their store cards. And then others are stocking up on all things Pokemon and are putting them on the front of the store to attract fans.

Also, there are even devices which help the game spawn virtual pokemons around them. Place one in the store and people will come to hunt pokemons. And they might just buy a toy or two while they are there. And it is only a matter of time before Pokemon Go stuffed animals and toys make their way to the stores.