Pokemon Center adds several plushies, incliding a Cramorant

Pokemon Center adds several plushies, incliding a CramorantThe Pokemon Center is adding new Pokemone Sword and Shielf stuffed animals. The next wave will feature several characters, including a Cramorant.

Fans will be able to choose from two versions of Cramorant. One is a normal one, but the second has it attempting to eat an Arrokuda.

You can add both, if you’re a big fan of Pokemon and Cramorant. The next wave of Pokemon plushies will hit the Pokemon Center on April 11, 2020.

And fans will have several more plushies to choose from. Among them are Galarian Ponyta, Sinistea, and Sirfetch’d. Prices will vary from approximately $16.49 to $19.99.

Be prepared for a longer wait, though. The press release says the debut date for now is April 11, but it could get delayed. This will come down to how the global outbreak continues. Hopefully by then things will start to calm down a bit, but it’s a very dynamic situation and forecasts are very difficult.