Plushies are coming back

Plushies are coming backIt took a while, but our plushies are still here. The toy market had to endure quite the challenge and it’s possible that it will also endure another one during the autumn and winter months.

However, the world is learning to accept the new realities and live with and around them. As such, the changes will continue.

While some people view changes are bad, they are actually new opportunities. For example, to start new things, enter new projects, try out new stuff and more.

Yes, changes also often mean trouble. Often things don’t go as smooth as planned or hoped. That’s why we have to be able and willing to adapt.

During all of these challenges and changes, we can count on our plush pals to be by our side. Their smiles and happy looks always help out bringing much needed relief. So, simply hug your plush friend and continue onward.

It’s like having your friend in in the driver’s seat. Have fun and our plushies are coming back!