Plushiemorphs are transforming plush superhero cats and dogs

Plushiemorphs are transforming plush superhero cats and dogsPlushiemorphs are a new line of stuffed animals that are competing for a prize fund that will help them become a reality. Toy inventor Sarah Parr is their creator.

Sarah Parr was a participant at last week’s Virgin Media Business’ Pitch to Rich event in Birmingham, ToyNews reports. There Parr presented her new idea about Plushiemorphs.

Plushiemorphs have been met with ‘overwhelming’ responses from across the toy industry, according to Parr, who has already seen interest from big names in the plush arena. The collection features stuffed toy dogs and cats that seem pretty ordinary at first sight. But they also have masks, capes and other accessories with them that can turn them into plush superheroes.

“I love seeing people’s reactions when they see the toys transform, but this was the best reaction yet,” says Parr, speaking of the response from the panel at the show. She adds that the experts were impressed with the toys so much they actually each bought a Plushiemorph toy for their kids.

The next step for the Plushiemorphs is to hope to advance to the final stage of the competition. This will give Parr a chance to win a share from the 1 million British pounds prize fund. If that happens, the money will be used to accelerate Plushiemorphs to production and then into the stores.

Parr is now calling on the public to help her reach the next stage as a public vote whittles the top 50 companies in each category to be shortlisted. “After the fantastic response to Plushiemorphs at the Birmingham live event I am even keener to get my toys through to the final stage of the competition,” she says.“The prize would make a huge difference to my business, but as such a small start-up, I need all the votes I can get. I want Plushiemorphs to be a company that makes people feel good.”

We are always happy to hear a new line of stuffed animals come to life. We are hoping that Plushiemorphs will get the needed money to turn into a reality and become the plush superheroes we all need.