Plush tiger toy helped real tiger orphaned cubs heal

Plush tiger toy helped real tiger orphaned cubs healThe healing power of stuffed animals expands beyond humans. Stuffies can and do help real animals, too. Like a plush tiger which helped two orphaned tiger cubs.

Park rangers in India discovered three orphaned tiger cubs in January 2017. The cubs needed help, but were afraid of humans.

But the rangers weren’t going to give up. So, they looked for the help of a plush tiger toy. This all happened at the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, CNN reports.

The rangers modified the toy and fitted synthetic nipples and milk bottles in the plush tiger. They took the idea from villagers who use a similar method for variety of activities related with helping animals and cattle.

According to the rangers, the cubs were in a very bad state, nearly dying. They had lost their mother who died after touching a rudimentary electrical fence set up by farmers which used way too strong current.

The cubs spent several days without milk or any care. They were starving, weak and couldn’t even walk properly. This is why the rangers knew they had to find a way to give them milk and care quickly.

Since they were running from people and refusing to come close to them, the rangers quickly modified the plush tiger toy and brought it to the cubs. It took a little waiting, but eventually the cubs went to the toy. They have been feeding from the plush toy ever since.

Now they are much stronger and healthier. They can move around, play and continue to grow. All thanks to the Rangers’ quick reaction and the welcoming energy of the push tiger toy.