Playmobil introduces several new toys and sets

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Playmobil introduces several new toys and setsPlaymobil has been very active over the past few weeks. The company is now also adding several new toys and sets to its line. And some of then are quite interesting.

During the Toy Fair in January, Playmobil showed off a new wedding collection of toys. It featured several interesting things, including a bridal limo.

Now that collection and several other get new additions. The wedding collection is also getting a Bridal Shop,  Wedding Reception, Wedding Ceremony, Flower Children and Photographer sets, Toy News reports.

But there’s more. Ghostbusters was one of Playmobil’s most successful toy lines last year. So, this year we are going to see more of them. The new Ghostbusters II sets include a collection of products featuring the Playmogram 3D. Kids can download the free app and then place the trap over the marker in the app and watch as ghosts appear in hologram format right before their eyes.

Finally, a new range of Playmo-Friends products is heading to market featuring original characters including the Forest Elf, Royal Lady, Firefighter and Park Ranger, ToyNews adds.

“We have always looked to create a space for children to enjoy free play and be led by their imagination during playtime,” Jamie Dickinson, marketing and display manager at Playmobil. “Our new ranges offer the chance for children up and down the country to immerse themselves into an exciting adventure of their own.”

All of this sounds quite interesting. It’s good to have variety in toys and Playmobil certainly has something for every taste.