Pixar confirms all of its movies are connected in some way

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Pixar confirms all of its movies are connected in some way
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Steve Jurvetson

Pixar’s movies have a lot of fans who have spent years debating various theories. One of them is that all movies are connected in some way.

And we’re not talking about only being in the same “cinematic universe”. We’re talking about a direct connection between the movies.

And Pixar finally confirmed that’s quite possibly the case. The official Toy Story Facebook page posted a clip showcasing many of Pixar’s Easter eggs.

Some are quite obvious, while others are much more subtle. What they do show is that pretty much all movies have some sort of a direct connection. It could be that some of the characters are coming from the other movie. Or it could be that some of the toys were owned by a character in another movie.

Also, each film (with the exception of Monsters, Inc.) contains a reference to “A113” –┬áthe classroom number that founders Brad Bird and John Lasseter studied in together at the California Institude of the Arts.

All of this could mean that each and all characters can “jump” between movies and appear everywhere and it would make sense. It also opens the door for a big variety of collaborations and storylines. Will that happen? So far Pixar seems to prefer the idea to keep each movie within its own storyline. But that can always change. Think about it like Pixar’s┬áJustice League-like gathering of sorts. If it happens at all, that is.