Piutre creates the most realistic stuffed animals

Piutre creates the most realistic stuffed animals
Image credit: Piutre Collection

Stuffed animals often come in various shapes and sizes. The Italian company Piutre Collection for example is making the most realistic stuffies ever.

The company was originally created in the 1970s in Italy and was called Jockline. The creator of the realistic stuffed animals was Riccardo Chiavetta. He was adamant that his stuffed animals were going to look as real as possible. So he took even the tiniest details from the real animals into consideration when creating his toys.

In the 1980s, many of the Jockline animals were marketed in the United States under the Avanti trade name. But in 1991, Jockline failed, the victim of a deep economic recession in Europe that claimed thousands of family-owned companies in Italy. Even today the Italian-made Avanti animals from this era are still sought after and highly prized by collectors.

In 1993 though, Piutre Collection was born. It took on the tradition of Jockline and even further expanded it. The stuffies are made entirely by hand and with the finest European-sourced fabrics and materials. Each toy is then inspected by a member of the Angeli family, which has been creating the toys from 1978 for Jockline at first. Only when the member of the family is satisfied with all of the details and quality a toy is deemed ready and it is packaged and shipped.

Currently the company has a pretty big product line covering mostly pets like cats and dogs. But it is also expanding in other areas like bears, farm animals, wild animals, even water-living animals.

The prices for the toys vary greatly depending mostly on their size. A 11-inch tall Doberman puppy for example costs about 74 dollars. A fully grown Doberman though can be pricey at 660 dollars. The point is, there are price ranges for almost all wallets.

Overall the range includes more than 1000 stuffies in all shapes and sizes. All of them are made by hand. They are individually tagged and signed by the person who created them. Today Piutre is still based in Italy. It also has an USA partner (Piutre USA) which is its largest distributor worldwide. The production in still in Italy to keep the tradition.