Picking the wrong toys could end up distracting kids

Picking the wrong toys could end up distracting kidsWe all assume that all toys are fun and good. But actually that depends a lot. Some toys can have a good effect over kids while other could be negative.

What would be a negative effect of a toy? Well, for one, it could end up distracting kids from their tasks or simply teach them to not pay attention.

How is that possible? Well, simple. If you buy kids toys for the sole reason to keep your kids distracted, for example. Toys should be something that enhances play, motivates honing skills and creativity. Toys shouldn’t be something you get to keep the kids off your back.

This is why co-playing is important, Sherin Bodejki, mother of a 19-month-old girl, says to Gulf News. By playing with their kids, parents can develop a better connection with them and also show them how to play properly with the toys.

Don’t limit the toys. If a boy likes stuffed animals – get some. If a girl likes a toy car – it’s also fine. Kids will always find ways to incorporate new toys in their play time. As long as they truly like the said toy, of course.

These toys are the right toys – the ones kids actually like and want to play with. The ones that you have bought by choosing carefully. Not the ones you buy in a rush just to quiet them down or to keep them entertained during a journey. These could actually have a negative effect as they teach kids not to value them, see stuff as throw-away when you’re done and so on. And toys should be teaching the exact opposite.