Petsies makes plush toy versions of your favorite pets

Petsies makes plush toy versions of your favorite petsSome celebrity pets on Instagram are so cute, you want to hug them. Or maybe you want a memento of your real pet. Petsies makes plush toy versions of them.

Petsies is a new company which makes handmade custom stuffed animals. All you have to do is give them a few pictures of the desired pet.

It also makes plush clones of real celebrity pets. They are official and even have additional accessories like mugs, shirts, hats and so on.

Peties for everyone

But you can also order a custom plush version of your pets. This way you can hug them all the time even when your real pet doesn’t feel like hugging.

Petsies can make plushies of pretty much any pet. It’s not limited to dogs or cats. You can have a custom, more cartoony version of your pet for $149. For $199 though you can order a detailed look-alike of your pet. This one will look as close to your real pet as possible.

Petsies custom plush animals

The team takes its time to make the plush pet as best as possible. During that time Petsies will keep you updated with emails for each completed stage of the project. Also, the shipping within the US is free.

Finally, if you already have a pet who is a celebrity, Petsies will help you with making a whole line of plush toys for your fans.