People immortalize loved ones that passed away in teddy bears

People immortalize loved ones that passed away in teddy bearsLosing a loved one is very painful and difficult to bare for many people. Some are now finding solace in immortalizing their loved ones in teddy bears.

Gizmodo reports that people on Reddit are now sharing such teddy bears. A woman shows her Build-A-Bear teddy which is talking with the voice of her late husband.

She was married to him for 32 years, but sadly he passed away because of cancer. Her children made the teddy bear as a gift for her.

There are many other instances where teddy bear are used for this. Many people are turning to this way of remembering a loved one who passed away.

Gizmodo has found several other examples, plus a few people shared their stories on Reddit as well. People make such commemorative teddy bears more and more often. And they gift them to grieving loved ones of all ages. There are many different ways people do that. Some even add small picture frames to the stuffed animal along with a sound module.

It once again shows the special energy that stuffed animals have. They are more than just toys. They are companions. They are friends and are always there to help you however they can.

When you feel down, just hug a teddy bear or a stuffed animal. You will feel better in seconds.

This story on Reddit by a person who says works at Build-A-Bear is very telling:

“I currently work at a Build a Bear in England and we’ve had a few sad stories come through. One that comes to mind often is a couple wanting to put there 5 day old daughters ashes inside a Bear. I helped them chose the Bear they wanted but when it came to stuff the Bear I had to get a manager to do it. I found it too hard and didn’t want to mess it up for them, despite having worked there for a few months and stuffing 100s of bears. You sometimes forget that not everyone has a happy story that has led them to your store”, the person writes.

It’s the power of teddy bears and stuffed animals. They will always be there for you.