PBS Kids makes new sustainable toys

PBS Kids Sustainable toys
Image credit: PBS Kids

PBS Kids has started a new line of sustainable toys with Whole Foods. They are made out of recycled and/or eco-friendly materials to show toys can be fun no matter how they are made.

These sustainable toys will be offered exclusively at Whole Foods and the online store of PBS, kidscreen reports. The toys will begin to be on sale as of this week and are already available online.

Originally they are aimed at kids from six months to three years, but there’s no rule that fans of stuffed animals can’t buy them for their collections no matter their age. The line of toys features race cars from recycled milk bottles, wooden vehicles made with local wood and so on.

The plush animals are made with phthalate and PVC-free materials. They are currently five: a baby emperor penguin, a big emperor pengiun, an orangutan, a sloth and the teddy bear you see in the picture here.

Each toy is made with safe and non-toxic materials and inks. The packaging is made from recycled materials. The goal here is ti show that toys can be sustainable.

PBS Kids will donate all of the net proceeds from these toys to programs that focus on children’s educational development. Whole Foods will be donating up to 25 000 dollars to Whole Kinds Foundation. This organization focuses on improving kids’ nutrition and wellness.

Last year the two companies had other partnerships with in-store and online resourses to support kid’s nutrition.

We have to say that the stuffies look quite good. The teddy bear for example is made from polyester fiber and filled with plastic pellets. It is washable and 18 inches tall.

The big emperor penguin is 14-inches tall made with the same materials. The baby penguin is 8 inches tall while the orangutan is 11 inches. Finally the sloth is 12 inches tall. Prices vary from 8.99 dollars up to 45.99 dollars.