Parents want more classic toys instead of tech toys

Parents want more classic toys instead of tech toysIt’s the digital age and this means lots and lots of technology-heavy toys. According to Playmobil though, parents actually want and prefer their kids to play with classic toys which inspire imaginary play.

The new poll from Playmobil shows that nearly three quarters of parents are worried about technology. This means they feel imaginary games are waning in popularity due to video games, electronic devices and TV.

The research featured 1500 parents of kids 5 to 11 years old. It shows that 80% of parents wish their kids use their imagination more. 93% of parents say they actively try to steer children away from tech gadgets.

Still, the amount of parents who want more classic games for their kids isn’t that high. About a third of parents say they wish their kids are more interested in playing in the woods and similar activities. Only 3 in 10 parents say they want their kids to make things out of cardboard boxes or bottles.

Why this big difference between the desires of parents? Well, the Playmobil survey shows that 40% of parents confess they don’t have enough time to create the environment in home to help kids be more imaginative.

Imagination is important

“Imagination is such an important part of childhood, and something that as parents, we all want to nurture in our children. However, with the rise of technology there are now more options than ever for children when it comes to choosing how to spend playtime. It is sometimes hard for parents to get children to spend time away from the computer or TV screen and use their imagination to create their own world using toys like Playmobil, but it is a vital part of play”, Jamie Dickinson, marketing manager at Playmobil says to ToyNews.

A quarter of parents also say their children are reluctant to play on their own and prefer tech gadgets.

“First and foremost it is important to remember that play is for fun. Play is the everyday work of children and it is how they explore, learn and satisfy their own curiosity about their world. With so many positive areas of learning and development linked to play, it’s no surprise that it’s important for parents to ensure their child experiences a wide variety of play”, says Dr. Claire Halsey, a clinical psychologist and child development and independent parenting expert who worked with Playmobil to investigate the results.

“There is clear evidence over the past couple of generations that the balance has tipped away from traditional games and time spent being active outdoors towards more time indoors in electronic play. But striking the right balance is key for children’s development in a multitude of ways and parents play the central role in making good decisions”, Halsey says.