Parents should worry if “grown up” kids still love their teddy bears?

Parents should worry if "grown up" kids still love their teddy bearsIt’s a topic that comes back every now and then. Should parents worry when their “grown up” kids still love and play with teddy bears or blankets? No.

Well, that was quick, wasn’t it? But why such a question gets a resounding “No”?

ScaryMommy has an interesting explanation. It reminds us that over 70% of kids in the western world have a strong attachment to “cuddly toys, blankets and even smelly old scraps of material because they intuitively believe they possess a unique essence or life force.”

The Guardian has an interesting comparison. Imagine the art enthusiasts who will always prefer the original copies of an artwork. Well, people will also always prefer their original teddy bear or whatever item they loved as kids aka comfort objects.

According to an article in Child Psychiatry and Human Development there are differences for when a child will feel its time to give up their teddy bear or other comfort object. Parents are mostly respectful of that. And actually, it’s better for the kids if parents are respectful and don’t try and force kids to leave their favorite teddy bear sooner.

“In fact, a 1998 study in Child Psychiatry and Human Development found that children who attached to a “transitional object” showed “significantly more optimal” (read: better and more stable) mother-child bonding than children who didn’t attach to a transitional object”, ScaryMommy adds.

One thin you should also note: Participants who said they still had a “transitional object” when they were teens showed more psychiatric symptoms and “less general well being.” So, sometimes parents may want to ask their kids whether or not is time to leave the teddy bear, but still not force the subject. This is something you can talk to your doctor about if you’re concerned, ScaryMommy says.

Again, this is strongly individual. Some people are around teddy bears and stuffed animals all their lives and have no problems, at all. In fact, they feel better and it’s a great hobby for them. Basically, if you feel good and keep things in moderation and balanced, you should have no problems.