Parents not happy about Disney’s price for a Forky toy, say DIY is cheaper

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Parents not happy about Disney's price for a Forky toy, say DIY is cheaperToy Story 4 continues to make the news rounds. This time parents in the UK aren’t happy because of a new toy Forky which they claim is far too expensive.

The issue is with a plastic Forky which sells for 13 British pounds. That seems like a bit of a lot for what is essentially a plastic fork with some googly eyes and some red fabric for the arms.

What seems to sting a little bit more is that this particular toy comes as a “make your own” kit. So, basically kids get the parts and have to put them together to make Forky.

And 13 British pounds seem like a bit of a lot for that. If you have a plastic fork around, a couple of googly eyes and some red and blue string and you’re pretty much set. Basically, you can make a Forky for less than a quid.

Parents weren’t happy. Most criticized the price. But some also weren’t fond of the idea. They feel like a toy Forky misses the point: One tweeted: “I think the saddest thing I’ve seen I’ve seen is Disney selling toys of Forky when the message of the movie was how great it was for Bonnie to express her creativity and creating her own precious memories.”, The Sun reports.

The company hasn’t commented on the issue. Making sure that all of the items in the kit are up to all safety standards and from safe materials, along with packaging, shipping and taxes… and profit, though surely all reflect on the price. So, it’s not that surprising. Still, you can always make a Forky yourself if you want to safe a few bucks.