Some of the best toy deals during Amazon Prime Day

Despite being called a “day”, Amazon Prime Day is actually a longer event. And it features lots of stunning deals for everything. Including toys. Prime Day is about 36 hours long and features huge discounts on a lot of good. … Continued

People still waiting in lines at Build-A-Bear Workshops despite the promotion not being active

Build-A-Bear’s Pay Your Age Day could be either the biggest brand disaster or its greatest success. It all depends on how the company will react now. Despite the promo day ending in a big blunder with chaos, police and turned … Continued

Build-A-Bear extends the Pay Your Age promotion to all year only for kids

The Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age day will be remembered with the massive ques all over their stores in the US, UK and Canada. Now there’s a plan B in action. The promotion was especially crowded in the UK where teddy … Continued

Build-A-Bear apologizes for the Pay Your Age Day blunder

Build-A-Bear had a good idea with its Pay Your Age Day promotion. But it ended quite badly with closed stores, chaos and police. So, now the company has a PR issue to resolve. The company acted quick with issuing vouchers … Continued

Build-A-Bear got overwhelmed by the “Pay Your Age” crowds and chaos

Whops… Build-A-Bear’s “Pay Your Age” promo day maybe was too-good of an idea. It gathered so many people, there was police involved and other chaos. Nearly 1000 people came just to one store in Rochester, Minn. Fans from other countries … Continued

Women’s Institute in the UK unveiled new Trauma Teddies for the police

We all know the important role stuffed animals and teddy bears can have for the police. Now the Women’s Institute in the UK is taking that to heart with a new initiative. The women at the organization unveiled their own … Continued

Woman creates a “happy tree” with more than 100 stuffed animals on it

It’s no surprise that most people find stuffed animals very cute. So, when there’s something unusual with them, it’s an attraction. Like a real tree with plushies on it. This is what Lisa Thomsen from Rocky View County in Calgary … Continued

Build-A-Bear will hold its first “Pay Your Age Day” this week

Here’s an interesting idea to keep toys popular amongst the youngest. Build-A-Bear is going to hold its first “Pay Your Age Day” this week. The event is going to be this Thursday, CBS News reported. The Build-A-Bear Workshop stores will … Continued

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