Study shows toys shouldn’t be separated by gender

Toys for boys and toys for girls seems to be an outdated thing. At least that’s what a BBC experiment shows and claims things are better if done differently. BBC Two aired a documentary called No More Boys and Girls where … Continued

Toys really do help with children’s development, say experts

We’ve said a lot of times that toys and stuffed animals help with children’s development. Experts also say the same, especially at early ages. Experts say early child development occurs during the first five years and have a huge impact … Continued

Merrythought teddy bears get a special collectible stamp by Royal Mail

You know you’ve made it when you get your own special collectible post stamp. The British Royal Mail released such a stamp for Merrythought teddy bears. The company’s teddy bears, along with several other classic British toys from the last … Continued

Now you can make your own robotic teddy bears

A part of every hobby is the custom creation of something. In the case of collecting stuffed animals – making a custom teddy bear or other plushie. Companies like Build-A-Bear and Budsies make this process very simple. But what if you … Continued

Plaid Hat will make a board game dedicated to stuffed animals

The company Plaid Hat announced it’s making a new board game. What’s special about it it’s that it will be dedicated to stuffed animals. The game Stuffed Fables is a narrative-focused board game for several players. It will put the players … Continued

Budsies launches a crowdfunding market for stuffed animals

Do you have a great idea for a new stuffed animal? Now you can try and make it a reality thanks to Budsies new crowdfunding market for plushies. Budsies’ business has from the start been all about custom stuffed animals. … Continued

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