The Hatchimals and PAW Patrol toys will debut in China

China is the world’s second biggest toy market. But it often misses out on popular toys. Spin Master will change that with the Hatchimals and PAW Patrol. Spin Master has a strategy to expand its popular toys to as many … Continued

Young boy survived a second-story fall thanks to his stuffed animal

Stuffed animals can be more than toys that help with emotions. They can actually save lives. Like this 2-year-old boy who fell from the second floor. The Massachusetts boy was having some fun on Wednesday by jumping on his bed, … Continued

Steiff creates a special limited edition Sailor Moon teddy bear

Popular german teddy bear maker Steiff announced the release of a special new limited edition bear. It’s a bear wearing the Sailor Moon guardian costume. The special teddy bear will join other bears based on Duralumin, Ciel Phantomhive and other … Continued

Build-A-Bear introduced a new Spider-Man range

The summer movies are almost here and Build-A-Bear is ready. It introduced a new Spider-Man teddy bear as well as several additional accessories. Spider-Man: Homecoming is hitting the cinemas next month. Can’t wait? Well, there’s a way to get some … Continued

How to use stuffed animals to promote empathy in your child

Stuffed animals and toys can and do help a lot with child development. Apart from basic skills, they can help foster other character developments, too. For example, empathy. Of course, all children are different. Is perfectly normal for some of … Continued

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