Joy In The Cause organization has donated almost 40 000 stuffed animals

Joy In The Cause is a young non-profit organization. For just three years it has gathered and donated almost 40 000 stuffed animals to emergency services. Joy In The Cause is run by Lisa Bain. Seven years ago she gave … Continued

Chemo Ducks stuffed animals help kids with pediatric cancer

Chemo Ducks is a non-profit organization which uses stuffed ducks and special games to help kids understand better what’s happening and comfort them. Now it’s teaming up with Duck Donuts for the cause. Chemo Ducks provides education, comfort and hope. … Continued

iPetPals launches interactive tech stuffed animals

It’s inevitable. Stuffed animals and technology will mix together. iPetPals for example launches a new line of interactive tech stuffed animals. The company says it takes the traditional toy and pairs it with technology and music. Why music? It’s instinctive. … Continued

Build-A-Bear will publish its own magazine

Build-A-Bear has a big year. They mark their 20th anniversary and want to do it in several ways. One of them is introducing their own magazine. ToyNews reports that the magazine will be available at all UK Build-A-Bear Workshop stores. … Continued

Do teddy bears have an expiration date and should you replace them?

For some, stuffed animals are more than just toys. So, even the thought of throwing them away is chilling. But sometimes stuffies might have to be replaced? Often kids have a favorite stuffed animal. A toy they have a real … Continued

7-year-old girl donates stuffed animals to scared children

Witnessing crime or being victim of one, can be very traumatic for children. 7-year-old Noa Grace Welborn knows that and wants to help with stuffed animals. Noa says she was inspired by a book she found at a yard sale, Belleville News-Democrat reports. … Continued

The New York City Jewish Museum opened a teddy bear exhibition

If you want to find out more about the history of teddy bears and are in New York, then you’re in luck. The NY Jewish Museum opened a teddy bear exhibition. The New York City Jewish Museum explores the invention … Continued

Scientists think toys could hold the key to autism treatment

Toys are more than simply a way to play. They have proven capabilities to help child development. Now scientists think they can help with autism treatment. Toys are great. They help children develop their motor skills. They help them learn … Continued

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