Stuffed animals help The Clovis Police Department re-launch its K-9 unit

Stuffed animals are going to help the Clovis Police Department to re-launch its K-9 unit. The stuffies help raise enough money for the project. As part of the fundraising, the department is selling cute toy police dogs. They are selling … Continued

The Character Options Little Live Pets are newest Hatchimal competitors

The Hatchimals enjoyed quite the success last year. Naturally, now there are more and more competitors coming. Like Character Options Little Live Pets. They were among the top toys for 2017 as chosen during the Toy Fair at the Olympia … Continued

Two toy-related events marked the weekend in Albany

Toys are immensely popular. If you needed any proof for that, how about that there were two toy-related events this weekend in Albany. Yes, two! The first event was the Albany Comic Con and Toy Show. It was underway this … Continued

Keizer Sewing Shop teaches how to create your own teddy bears

Are you looking at some old clothes that are too worn out to be given away? You can still make something great out of them. For example: teddy bears. Meet Judy Craig. He is the owner of Bernina Stretch & … Continued

This dude won 15 000 stuffed animals from claw machines for one year

So, you’ve won a few stuffed animals from a claw machine and you’re rather good at it? Think again. This guy won 15 000 stuffies from claw machines. And what’s more, he’s won so many toys in the last year, … Continued

Peppy Pets are robotic plush dogs for when your kids are too young for a real dog

Kids love puppies, but often are too young to properly take care of one. This is where Peppy Pets robotic plush dogs come into the picture. Having a real dog is a big responsibility. You need to spend a lot … Continued

Spin Master sues against illegal Hatchimal copies

The Hatchimals enjoy quite a lot of attention, but with success often comes some unexpected trouble. For example, fakes of your product and illegal copies. Spin Master has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese company Dngguan Moral Region. The Hatchimal … Continued

Warmies are new stuffed animals that will keep you warm

Warmies are new stuffed animals that may seem familiar. They have been around for a while, but they’re just kicking into high gear this year. The new and improved Warmies have several changes. For one, they are smaller and cuter. … Continued

Healthy Beginnings prepares for the 13th annual Adopt-a-Bear campaign

Mid Oregon Credit Union will hold the 13th annual Adopt-A-Bear campaign to support Healthy Beginnings. It will start next week and the teddy bears are ready. The whole idea of Adopt-A-Bear is to help fund Healthy Beginnings. It features a … Continued

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