The Teddy Bear Picnic in Charleston will hold a Bear Fashion Show

If you’re close to Charleston today and are free, then go and check out the 8th annual Teddy Bear Picnic. It’ll be at Hampton Park on March 5th. If you follow fashion, you know that now is the season of … Continued

Teen makes hundreds of teddy bears by hand to give to other kids

Here’s yet another example of the greatness of teens and kids. Madison Allen from Edgar County makes hundreds of teddy bears by hand to give to other kids. Allen is a high school senior at the Shiloh High. She started … Continued

Disney makes a Christopher Robin live-action movie with top names

Disney’s new thing is to remake its popular animated movies into live-action flicks. It’s now working on a Winnie the Pooh movie called Christopher Robin. The movie will revolve around the story of Christopher Robin. We will see how he … Continued

Researchers found new serious security flaws in CloudPets stuffed animals

A few days ago CloudPets stuffed animals found themselves in a lot of trouble after hackers stole their customer data. Now researches found more issues. The infosec company Context Information Security announced it was looking at the Web Bluetooth feature … Continued

Stuffed animals motivate children to read more books

Stuffed animals help children with a lot of stuff. You can add learning and reading to that list, too. A new study says stuffies motivate children to read. The researchers from Okayama University, Kanazawa University, the Osaka Institute of Technology … Continued

Hackers stole user data from talking smart stuffed animals

Smart technologies and internet connections are making their way to toys, too. Sadly, this makes smart stuffed animals targets to hackers. Now news are coming out that the popular internet connected stuffed animals CloudPets have been hacked. Cybersecurity expert Troy … Continued

Jackie Chan came to the Oscars red carpet with teddy bears

You can add Jackie Chan to the list of famous people who like stuffed animals. He came to the Oscars red carpet carrying two teddy bears. Usually the red carpet is the time of the Oscars Ceremony where everyone gets … Continued

Charlie Bears is the stuffed animals maker who you might not know but is widely popular with collectors

We’ve always said that everyone loves stuffed animals. There are even thousands and thousands of collectors of stuffies all over the world. So many that companies like Charlie Bears are growing faster than ever. Charlie Bears is a company created by Charlie … Continued

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