Young boy wanted a stuffed animal from a claw machine so much, he crawled in and got stuck in it

As big fans of stuffed animals as we are, we totally understand this young boy and his predicament. He liked a stuffed animal from a claw machine so much, he crawled into the machine and got stuck. This happened in … Continued

Toys R Us slashes prices by 30% for the stores that are about to close

Every cloud has a silver lining, right? In the case of Toys R Us’ bankruptcy and store closings, that lining is lower prices. As expected, the store chain gave out more information about the going-out-of-business discount sales at selected stores. … Continued

UK farmer mistakes a plush tiger for a real one and calls the police

Well, everyone can make mistakes. Sometimes they can be quite newsworthy. Like a farmer in the UK who mistook a plush tiger toy for a real one and called the police. This happened in the North-East in the Hatton area, … Continued

Golden Bear introduces a Dinosaur Roar range of stuffed animals

Golden Bear introduced a new line of Dinosaur Roar stuffed animals. The new toys made their debut during the 2018 London Toy Fair and will feature sound modules, ToyNews reports. The cute Golden Bear Dinosaur Roar plush toys will represent … Continued

Composer Charlemagne Palestine makes an exhibition with 18 000 stuffed animals

Famous composer Charlemagne Palestine kicked off his biggest exhibition ever. It’s called Ccornuuoorphanossccopiaee Aanorphansshhornoffplentyyy. Quite the mouthful, but the result is simple. The exhibition features 18 000 stuffed animals and are in the large gallery 356 S Mission Road in … Continued