Character Options extends its contract to make Teletubbies’ plush toys

If you like Character Options’ Teletubbies toys, then you’re in for a treat. The company extended its contract to continue making toys for the characters. The deal will now run until at least 2020. Character Options has the worldwide manufacturing … Continued

Beat Bugs introduces new toys for Target only

Popular Netflix animated series Beat Bugs is returning to the real world, too. The funky characters will make their way as toys for Target stores only. The new collection is exclusive for Target. It’s already making its way to the … Continued

Launceston in the UK has a special village for Charlie Bears plush toys

If you are in Cornwall, UK or nearby, you can drop a visit to a very special place. A Launceston industrial estate has a whole teddy bear village. It’s in the Pennygillam Industrial Estate, Cornwall Live reports. And it features … Continued

Build-A-Bear lands in hot water with a displeased mom who writes a viral online letter to them

Well that’s probably uncomfortable. Last week an displeased British mom left a long open letter to Build-A-Bear because of the store experience for her. And this is where the uncomfortable part comes. Sarah Rawsthorne probably didn’t expect her post to … Continued games add several toy licenses including for plush animals

Popular browser game added several new toy licenses to its lineup. This means most of the characters from the game are coming as toys and plush. The free-to-play browser game is quite popular these days. So popular, that the … Continued

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