The bravest teddy bears in the world jumped from a plane to get to sick kids

David McAlhany took the bravest teddy bears in the world for a sky jump. This way the stuffed animals got to arrive to the sick kids they want to help out. McAlhany is an experienced sky diver. He has jumped … Continued

Walmart and Target also revealed their top toys for the 2017 Holiday Season

After Toys R Us, now Walmart and Target have also showed their top toys for the 2017 Holiday Season. And both feature a few stuffed animals, as well. Both companies have selected quite a few toys. More than 50 in … Continued

Spin Master announced its second annual Hatchimals Day

Are you ready for the next generation of Hatchimals? Spin Master will unveil it during the second annual Hatchimals Day which is in less than a month. Spin Master will have a special event on Friday, October 6th, 2017. This … Continued

Toys R Us publishes its 2017 Holiday Hot Toy list amid bankruptcy reports

Toys R Us published its 2017 Holiday Hot Toy list with ideas for Christmas gifts. The occasion is a bit bittersweet, though amid bankruptcy reports. Yes, there are many reports in the media that Toys R Us is exploring bankruptcy … Continued

Jackie Miley receives a Guinness World Record for the biggest collection of stuffed toys

68-year-old Jackie Miley is famous for her enormous collection of stuffed animals. Now she has an official Guinness World record for the biggest collection, the DailyMail reports. Miley is from Rapid City, South Dakota. She started her collection back in … Continued

Build-A-Bear will have a special celebration of the National Teddy Bear Day

Did you know that more than half of adults keep their favorite teddy bear? Build-A-Bear issued a survey for the National Teddy Bear Day celebrations. And the company is also preparing a special celebration for all fans of teddy bears … Continued

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