Other toy makers are also helping out tackle the outbreak

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Other toy makers are also helping out tackle the outbreak
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Christiaan Triebert

The coronavirus outbreak is a big challenge not only for doctors. But right now doctors need the most help. And toy companies are answering the call.

Forbes reports that a few toy makers are already helping out doctors. MGA Entertainment for example is handling efforts to source and ship masks from overseas factories to the US hospitals.

Little Tikes in Ohio is already retooling its factory. It will make ventilator valves and googles for hospitals. Crazy Aaron’s is making hand sanitizer instead of Thinking Putty.

Other toy firms are also joining by helping source or produce whatever they can for medical supplies and equipment. Some are even using 3D printers to produce ventilator valves and other materials.

MGA’s Isaac Larian says to Forbes that he was shocked by the reports that masks and medical supplies are already in critical shortage in US hospitals. It’s why he started using MGA’s resources to find more masks. “We have about 30,000 already, we have another 150,000 coming next week, and we have another 200,000 coming the week after that,” Larian said.

Crazy Aaron’s founder Aaron Muderick also says: “We had been shut down for a few days when we had this epiphany. We actually have all the ingredients to make sanitizer as part of our normal process,” he said. “We thought maybe we can shift our production for a positive outcome.”  Within 72 they had the government approvals and retooling and started working.