How to organize teddy bear picnic parties

how to organize teddy bear picnic parties
Credit: Flickr (CC) / zyxoma

Throwing teddy bear picnic parties is a great way to share the hobby and meet likeminded people. These events are a classic and despite their name, actually all kinds and types of stuffed animals are always welcomed.

Teddy bear picnic parties can be held with just your own home stuffies, or you can invite friends over. You can also organize a bigger place and get a lot of people. There can also be contests, prizes and etc. Teddy bear picnics can be a lot of fun when they are ogranized well. Here’s how to do it.

Organizing teddy bear picnics parties

Location is the first thing you must decide. If the season allows it, you can hold the party outdoors. If you’re planning on inviting a lot of people say to a park, you may first one to check with the authorities to get a green light in organizing a public event.

Depending on the goal of the event, you also may get the permission in holding such a party in a toy store, school and etc. This usually would mean that the event is for a charity or promoting a certain brand. Of course, you can always hold it in your own yard and invite your friends over.

This brings us to the second part – guest list. Who should you invite and how to inform people about your teddy bear picnic party? Of course start with the people you know and ask them to also invite people with similar interests they know.

Second use social media to promote your event. Post about it on Facebook, Twitter. You can also get in touch with us as we will be happy to help with what we can.

If you’re holding the party at a public place, park, store and etc. also put up flyers there and in the region well in advance so you can get the word out. Also feature in the invites the goals of the meet and other “rules” like bring food, drinks or whatever.

Next is the third part in organizing teddy bear picnic parties – the actual event. Now this is up entirely to your creativity. You can set up small seperate┬átables for the stuffed animals to sit and “meet” while their owners chat on other proper tables. Or you can have everyone sitting together on a blanked on the ground with their stuffed toys in hands and chat.

If you are going for a classic picnic you can have contests for stuffed animals. For example the funniest, the one with the most functions, the most realistic and etc. Try to keep in on the funny side and in a way everybody will be pleased for taking part.

Some events have reading of stories, exchanging items, making stuffed toys and/or accessories for them. Just remember one thing: teddy bear picnic parties are to be fun and pleasant. Keep that mindset and all will be well.

If you have questions and/or other tips, feel free to share them in the comments below or in our forum.