Operation ResCUTE helps save shelter dogs with stuffed animals

Operation ResCUTE helps save shelter dogs with stuffed animals
Operation Recute stuffed animals | Image credit: Amazon

Helping shelter dogs isn’t easy, but can be very rewarding. The new Operation ResCUTE stuffed animals aim to help out with donations and motivation.

Operation ResCUTE is a non-profit organization and is now releasing a series of stuffed animals and books under the same name. It started with a dog name Jingles who was saved from the streets of New York City, People reports.

Jingles has a great story and a happy life after being saved. Operation ResCUTE wants more dogs to find the same happiness.

As a result, it helps with the line of stuffed animals. Each stuffed animal in the new line is actually carrying the likeness of a real dog that has been saved. Jingles is one of them along with several others.

The goal – to celebrate them and to inspire kids and adults alike to adopt shelter dogs. It’s also a way to teach kids empathy, compassion, responsibility and charity.

All of the profits of sales of these stuffed animals go to animal shelters. This way you also give back to the community and help out the shelters. So, it’s a very nice idea with the potential to bring a lot of good. You can already find the Operation ResCUTE stuffed animals on Amazon, too.