One of the largest stuffed animals collections was sold

One of the largest stuffed animals collections was sold
Image credit: Christie’s Images

As we say all the time here at all kinds of people love stuffed animals. Even the rich like plushies and some build pretty big stuffed animals collections. One of them is Paul Greenwod who over the years has build an enormous collection of Steiff’s plush animals.

Sadly for Greenwood he was convicted and then pleaded guilty to six counts of securities fraud and related charges. As part of his punishment is to repay the money he stole from his clients. So he had to sell a lot of stuff and even his private collection of stuffed animals, lohud reports.

Greenwood had more than 1300 stuffed animals made by Steiff, one of the most famous manufacturers of stuffies. The toys were auctioned recently and sold for a total of 1.7 million dollars. The collection though was valued by insurers at 2.2 million dollars. According to the auction house Christie’s, this is the largest Steiff collection. Or was as now it’s split between all of the bidders who bought 585 lots of a grand total of 655.

The most expensive stuffie was sold for 126 675 dollars. The most expensive teddy bear reached a total of 74 164 dollars. It is the teddy bear you see in the picture and it was made as a sample around 1925. It actually sold for a little bit less than expected.

Greenwood had a very impressive collection featuring all kinds of Steiff’s stuffies dating back decades. A fox in a fur coat from the 1920s for example sold for 33 639 dollars. A black teddy bear form 1953 sold for 47 490 dollars for example. The collection features only Steiff stuffed animals which are famous for their quality.

The money Greenwood raised from the auction will be used for his attoerney’s fees and other expenses. This goes to show that you shouldn’t try to play the system even if it is for building the largest stuffed animals collection possible. It’s better to have a smaller collection, but build entirely on honesty and love which are one of the two main pillars on which stuffed animals are created.