Old lady handmakes thousands of stuffed animals

Old lady handmakes thousands of stuffed animalsMaking stuffed animals is a very nice hobby. An 82-year old lady spends a lot of her time handmaking stuffed animals for charities.

Lee Gaines spends several hours every day handmaking stuffed animals, KrisTV reports. Gaines has already made more than 3300 stuffies for the past five years.

She has donated her creations to Driscoll Children’s Hospital. From there the stuffies are given to kid who need something cheerful.

Gaines says she easily decided to start handmaking stuffed animals for children. She wanted to help somehow and combine it with what she loves.

Lee is sewing since she was seven years old and picked up the hobby from her grandmother. After she got older and was hospitalized for five days for heart problems, Gaines decided to put her hobby to good use for others too.

So now she spends her free time sewing stuffed animals and pillows. Every first friday of the month, she takes about 80 of her new creations to the hospital. Volunteers then pass them out to children with who are undergoing serious medical procedures, have birthdays or are just sad and need something to bring them a smile. Kids get to keep the stuffed animals and pillows.

“What am I supposed to do? If I can’t help anybody else, then why am I here?” says Gaines. She puts as much love and care in every stuffie she creates. No two of them are the same so children get to have something truly unique made especially for them.

Lee is also recruiting friends to help out. Of course she will happily greet anybody else who wants to join in and start making stuffed animals for other hospitals and charities too.

Her motivation is simple: “I want them [the children] to get well”. You don’t need much more than that, do you? Plus stuffies get again to bring some love and smiles to the one in need.