Officers called to protect neighbourhood from a tiger, turns out to be a toy

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Officers called to protect neighbourhood from a tiger, turns out to be a toy
Image credit: Kent County Animal Shelter

It’s not every day that animal rescue officers in the USA have to deal with tigers. The ones in Kent County had to, but it turned out to be a stuffed animal.

This curious story developed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, ABC27 reports. Two officers from the local animal rescue institution were sent to respond to a call about a baby tiger spotted in a local neighbourhood.

Upon arrival the two officers did see the back of a tiger laying on the ground in the backyard of the home on the address they were called to. So they got ready to sedate it and capture it.

As they were getting closer though they noticed that this tiger doesn’t really move. Getting even closer they say that what they are actually dealing with is a stuffed animal toy. The officers had a good laugh and even posted a couple of photos with the now “captured” tiger.

Whether it was a prank call or somebody really did mistake a child’s toy for a tiger is unknown. The stuffed tiger is quite realistic so we wouldn’t be surprising if someone got properly scared upon seeing the stuffed tiger from afar. MLive reports that actually a concerned neighbour called in, so it seems like somebody got spooked real good.

Earlier in the day, officer Rachel Jensen had responded to a report of a dog that had been inside a crate for weeks, lacking food and water. She had arrived to find only a statue.

When she was called to deal with the “tiger” and found it was a toy her and colleague Joe Daniels knew they had to find some humor in this situation. In this job, with so many sad sights, laughter can be rare, Dainelis says. Then they did the only thing they could think to do: “impound” the stuffed creature until they find a good home with a child.