Now you can make your own robotic teddy bears

Now you can make your own robotic teddy bearsA part of every hobby is the custom creation of something. In the case of collecting stuffed animals – making a custom teddy bear or other plushie.

Companies like Build-A-Bear and Budsies make this process very simple. But what if you want to create something completely unique?

You can do that now thanks to Raspberry Pi, Mashable reports. This is a small, cheap single-board computer which you can use for a variety of projects.

It’s only one tiny board and it doesn’t even have a case, let alone keyboard or a mouse. And there’s huge variety in the options and possibilities.

The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle features courses (and the board) that will teach you a variety of projects. Among them is how to make anthropomorphic creatures like roving robots. And one course will teach you how to make a motion sensing teddy bear. It will laugh whenever you wave your hand at it.

Another options are smart-home options like controls for the home air-con system or a system that automatically waters your plants. And if you feel especially creative, you can incorporate some of these and other functions to your very own smart teddy bear.

All you need is the Raspberry Pi board, the Mastery Bundle and a teddy bear or other stuffed animal. And, of course, a desire to learn and creativity.