A New York museum holds a special night for stuffed animals

A New York museum holds a special night for stuffed animalsStuffed animals love to be taken on various activities. This week a museum in New York will allow its visitors to bring their stuffed animals on tour of the exhibition.

On the night of Nov. 14th 2014, the Agricultural & Industrial Museum will take stuffed animals from visitors and arrange a special tour for them. We should point out that the tour is only for stuffies. The event is called Stuffies’ Night at the Museum.

Their owner will leave them at the staff. After all stuffed visitors have arrived the tour will begin. The staff will take the stuffies around the museum and will show them the exhibition.

Don’t believe that will actually happen? They will take pictures of the toys next to and on the exhibit items.

The next day you will be able to pick your stuffies up and attend the free Family Day: Science-Powered History event that will be held at the museum. That is, if you come with your family.

The main goal of the event is to motivate young children to come and visit the museum. They will be able to explore the interesting items there, like the antique fire trucks, says to the FlipSidePA Parthena Bowman, assistant director of education of the York Heritage Trust.

Stuffies will have an espacially fun time. They will visit Annabelle the cow at the Rutter’s Discovery Zone and go inside a 1916 yellow trolley that operated in York.

They also take a look at the 1890s York Safe and open it to get a glimpse of Skelebones. They will have their pictures taken at these events and there are many more interactive locations which the stuffed animals will see. The next day their owners will receive three or four photo prints, a decorative frame kit and explore the areas the stuffed animals have gone, Bowman says. Their owners will also receive about 10 photos via email.

Those who wish to have their stuffies go on the museum tour can drop them off at the museum this Friday from 10 a.m. up to 4:30 p.m. There is a fee of $4 per stuffed animal with no registration required. The event is called Stuffies’ Night at the Museum and we hope it will become a tradition.