New Toy Story 4 clip reveals even more… is it too much already?

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New Toy Story 4 clip reveals even more... is it too much already?
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Steve Jurvetson

We get it – the hype around Toy Story 4 is big. But that’s exactly why we wonder why Disney and Pixar keep releasing new teaser clips again and again.

They did just that once again and introduced a new clip about Forky – one the new characters which is going to debut in Toy Story 4. That seems all fine on first glance.

But then again, Forky has already been heavily promoted. And the seemingly last trailer for the movie already debuted.

So, having yet another “sneak peek” clip seems like a touch too much. The movie creators are saying that the trailers don’t spoil anything from the movie. They also say the trailers don’t show all of the good moments and there’s plenty of surprises and story left for the viewers to see.

Still, it seems a bit strange. Showing so much in clips creates the feeling of already seeing most of the movie. It’s one thing to have a couple of trailers and hype fans up. It’s another to have so many clips about different characters, trailers and then more clips.

It’s a risky choice to promote the movie. But it seems its creators are confident it will bring even more people to watch and that they will all be pleased. In any way, Toy Story 4 is now less than a month away.