New toy releases once again give out important movie details about the latest Avengers

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New toy releases once again give out important movie details about the latest AvengersWith such a big hype around the Avengers: Endgame, it’s probably normal that you can’t really keep everything about the movie a secret. Even so, there are plenty of leaks, revealing a bit too much about the movie.

The latest round of leaks comes from Hot Toys action figures. They have released new Iron Man and Thanos figures which show off details about their new gear.

It also gives ideas of what might happen in the movie in order to bring Thanos and Iron Man together for another showdown. When we last left Tony Stark, he was on Thanos’ own planet – Titan, left there with Nebula. But Tony was wounded and his suit was very heavily damaged.

When we last left Thanos, he was rejoicing at his cottage, also wounded and his gauntlet was also heavily damaged. All of this lead to a lot of speculations about fans, that the Avengers: Endgame movie will bring the characters new gear.

And while that may be a no-brainer, some fans probably don’t want to know what that gear is and what does it do. Keeping all of this hidden can be very difficult, especially considering that the movie debut is just around the corner.

And while the latest Hot Toys figures show off only the gear of the characters, some other toys have revealed a lot more. We don’t tell you what on purpose in case you don’t want any possible spoilers for the movie. It’s not easy to do so when information about it is everywhere, but it’s definitely possible.

The question is, isn’t this way of toy reveals a bit wrong? After all, movie makers go to great lengths to keep details about their movies a secret.

On one hand, what toys reveal, probably is agreed with the filmmakers and they use it as a way to hype fans up. Also, it’s not really possible to make toys and merchandise ready in time for the movie, without a few spoilers here and there.

So, it’s not an easy task. It’s basically left to the fans if they want to check out the possible spoilers or now. We prefer to keep things about movies in mystery for us. Hence why we haven’t really covered the toy movie spoilers. But it’s getting more and more difficult to do so. It seems that toy companies and movie retailers are starting to prefer this as a way to promote their movies along with the traditional trailers.