New surprise toys aim to compete with LOL Surprise

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New surprise toys aim to compete with LOL SurpriseLOL Surprise has enjoyed a long reign of popularity. That reign is going to get a challenger in the face of the new surprise toys that are coming.

Meet the Blume Dolls. They are a range of various dolls all coming in different items. They are cups, vases and so on.

All of them contain one doll and a range of different surprise items and accessories. And the cup/vase or so on they come in, is their home and features furniture and other stuff.

There are 22 different dolls that come initially. Each doll will come with 30 additional surprises and items. They vary from stickers to accessories for the house, fashion accessories for the doll and more.

All of that will be £9.99 a pop. Blume Dolls are already making their ways to the stores. So, if you want an alternative to LOL Surprise, now you have it. And it’s going to be quite the competitive holiday shopping this year.