New stuffed animals from the movie “Alien” make their way to the shops

New stuffed animals from the movie "Alien" make their way to the shops38 years after the initial release of the movie “Alien” it still has quite a big following. So big, there are new plush toys coming out even today.

Hallmark released some new Alien-themed stuffed animals. They are part of the Alien Day and come in the Itty Bittys line ot plushies.

Both Ellen Ripley and Xenomorph receive the new limited edition plushies. Ripley is already on the Hallmark store, while Xenomorph will arrive on July 17th.

Both toys are online exclusives to Hallmark. Ripley is 4-inches high and $7.95. Hallmark does say these toys “will be gone forever”, but it doesn’t say how many are made.

Still, if you’re a fan of the movie, then you probably shouldn’t wait long, just in case. These plushies follow the traditional look and feel of the characters. This makes them ideal for your Alien toy collection. Plus, they are small, so they won’t take much space but they will still attract attention.