New line of Pikachu stuffed animals come in time for Japanese schools graduations

New line of Pikachu stuffed animals come in time for Japanese schools graduationsA new line of Pikachu stuffed animals has been unveiled in time for Japanese schools graduations. The plush toys feature school uniforms and are a pair.

March is the time of the year when schools in Japan hold their graduation ceremonies. Thousands of students will receive their diplomas…. along with Pikachu!

The official Pokemon site and store has released a pair of new Pikachu stuffed animals. They are dressed in school uniforms. They look rather cute, don’t you think?

Along with that, there is also a plush version of Pikachu dressed in a graduation cap and gown. He is ready to receive his diploma in a cylindrical holder which is a common way of storing documents in Japan.

Pikachu stuffed animal

This Pikachu will cost $14 and is the 12th and final in the series of Monthly Pikachu. The line that will replace it is Monthly Pair Pikachu. Yes, the pair of female and male Pikachus in uniforms are the first  in the new series that will go on for the next year.

Each month a pair of male and female Pikachu stuffed animals will be released in various outfits and accessories. The graduating Pikachu will be on sale from March 19th, while the new pair will hit the stores in April of this year.