New Justice League toys show us how Steppenwolf will look like and you can’t buy it

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New Justice League toys show us how Steppenwolf will look like and you can't buy itDC Comics is continuing to tease tidbits from The Justice League movie. The latest is our best view of how Steppenwolf will look like thanks to new toys.

The new toys will be sold exclusively at Toys R Us. So, if you don’t have one of these stores in your city, you should try the online store.

The new action figure reveals in great detail how Steppenwolf will look like in the movie. He’s going to be quite impressive and made entirely out of CGI. The villain will be voiced by Ciaran Hindis.

But what’s really interesting is that you won’t be able to buy this more than 6-inch tall action figure. The reason? It’ won’t actually exist as a separate toy.

Instead, you will have to buy all six Justice League figures. With each of them you will get bonus pieces. It is with them that you will build your Steppenwolf action figure as a bonus.

You can buy the 6-inch tall Parademon, though. The green action figure also looks quite impressive. It features 19 points of articulation, including the classic double wings.

Mattel will also release the Flying Fox. This is a 30-inch replica of the transport plane for the Justice League. This one will be a Wal-mart exclusive for $79.99.

The toys are coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled. The movie hits the cinemas on November 10th 2017.