New details emerge about Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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New details emerge about Toy Story Land in Disney's Hollywood StudiosWalt Disney World is almost ready with Toy Story Land. The long awaited Toy Story Land is going to open in Disney’s Hollywood Studios on June 30. And now there are some new details coming out for the new 11-acre plot.

Toy Story Land has several big new rides and a huge restaurant. Everything is done as per the Toy Story movies.

When you enter Toy Story Land, you will feel like a toy in a grown-ups world. Everything will seem bigger and impressive.

The main plot will look and feel like Andy’s backyard. Giant crayons, games and green army men will feel the plot. Along with building plot, etc.

Lots of big attractions

One of the main attractions is going to be the Slinky Dog Dash Rollercoaster. It has a height requirement of 38 inches and it’s a family friendly ride, the DailyHerald says. It’s expected to be a fan favorite, so there might be slightly long lines for it.

Another attraction is the Alien Swirling Saucer. You can ride through the play set Andy won at Pizza Planet. There’s going to be a “claw” which will choose fans. What will this mean, remains to be seen. The height limit here is 32 inches.

Toy Story Mania is also remaining, but it’s getting an update. It’s getting a big new entrance and a third track to lower wait times. Also, just waiting in line at the ride will give you access to virtual games to make time to by faster.

Finally, the restaurant. It’s called Woody’s Lunch Box. It has a classic retro style, soda floats and mini Babybel cheese. It’s also surrounded by Andy’s toys and a big Thermos.

Fans who go to the Disney Hollywood Studios between now and June 30, can also check out a model of the new Toy Story Land. This will give you an even better impression about the new plot.