NECA and Hot Toys show off new incredibly detailed action figures of Catwoman and Scarlet Witch

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NECA and Hot Toys show off new incredibly detailed action figures of Catwoman and Scarlet WitchThe toy industry is often criticized for the lack of female characters. It’s trying to fix that with new action figures of Catwoman and Scarlet Witch.

The new action figures look incredible. They are highly detailed. Catwoman is made by NECA while Scarlet Witch is offered by Hot Toys.

NECA has shown the first pictures of its Catwoman action figure. The company insists they are of the prototype and the finished figure will look even better. It’s hard to see how this is possible, really. The action figure looks super realistic.

NECA Catwoman action figure

It is made after the classic Batman Returns movie which came out in 1992. The imminent release of Catwoman as an action figure, along with the 18″ Arkham Harley Quinn figure, she’s a sign that NECA is finally putting some faith in large-scale female figures; prior to these two, the only one they’d done was Uma Thurman from Kill Bill, the Nerdist reports.

Catwoman action figure by NECA

The final figure will come with an extra head which features hair. Included in the set will also be a small smiley taser as per the movie. The Catwoman action figure will be 18-inch tall and will feature 30 points of articulation. It will be shipping to the stores in October 2016.

Hot Toys on the other hand has created a great figure of Scarlet Witch. She is 1/6th scale and part of Captain America: Civil War. The figure comes with extra hands including ones with translucent tips, power accessories and even a tiny Ant-Man.

Hot Toys Scarlet Witch action figure

Hot Toys also showed the prototype which is also superbly realistic. The figure awaits approval from the licenser and it should make its way to the stores later this year.