Nearly 40 000 people attend the 32nd Annual Teddy Bear Picnic in Winnipeg

Nearly 40 000 people attend the 32nd Annual Teddy Bear Picnic in Winnipeg
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Christiaan Triebert

We’ve always said stuffed animals have a great bringing-people-together power. The 32nd Annual Teddy Bear Picnic in Winnipeg prove that once again. It gathered almost 40 000 people for a great day out, CityNews reports.

The event shows children the world of science, health and education. There were lots of tents at the event each showing a different thing.

Specialists helped teach kids about anxiety and how to handle it. Doctors used the kids’ stuffed animals for check-ups and to teach them more about healthcare.

The event is organized by the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. It’s always on the last Sunday of each May.

This year almost 40 000 people came to the event, smashing last year’s attendance record. Kids and their parents could enjoy a live music concert, lots of arts-and-crafts tents and events.

In total there were about 50 tents with events and dozens additional activities. The event also has a charity part. People can donate to the foundation. It then uses the money to purchase equipment, support hospital programs and support research, the reports.

Each year the Teddy Bear Picnic grows and adds more tents and activities. This time one of the major topics was mental health. A special tent with events teaches kids that well-being is more than only feeling good physically.