The National Teddy Bear Day was celebrated across the US

The National Teddy Bear Day was celebrated across the USThe National Teddy Bear Day is a yearly event in the US. It commemorates the fantastic toys that teddy bears are. The event gets more popular every year.

Sadly, there are no actual records how the National Teddy Bear Day came about. There are several theories, but not one that people vastly agree on.

The reason for this is simple. The National Teddy Bear Day started as a small initiative many years ago. It has been gaining popularity ever since, before coming into the mainstream.

We all love teddy bears

One thing is for sure. The National Teddy Bear Day is not older than 1902. During that year then US President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a tied bear while he was hunting in Mississippi. The local media picked up on the story and made a cartoon depicting the President  as a bear. Then one store started selling stuffed bears which it named Teddy after Roosevelt.

The Teddy bears quickly became a market hit. So much that other stores and companies started making and selling Teddy bears.

Also the name seems to be “made” for the stuffed bears and suits them quite a lot. So, in the end, the stuffed bears became known simply as teddy bears.

Somewhere during this whole frenzy someone came up with the idea to hold a National Teddy Bear Day. It’s the day when we celebrate all things teddy bears. Including the way they make us feel, bring us joy and help us in tough moments.

Today the National Teddy Bear Day has become a big thing. Toy companies raced to commemorate it with special offers, special bears and events. Towns held teddy bear picnics and parades. Institutions held teddy bear clinics. Everyone marked the special day in their own way.

Confusingly there’s also a National Teddy Bear Day in November. That special day was created by the Vermont Teddy Bear Company in 2000 to celebrate the contribution the teddy has made to popular culture. And you know what? There is always room for more National Teddy Bear Days. In fact, for the true fan of stuffed animals, every day is a Teddy Bear Day.